Brake Repair & Replacement in Provo, UT

At Computune Certified Auto, we want our customers to feel comfortable, confident, and safe behind the wheel, and that means having brakes that are well maintained by certified professionals right here in Utah county. We have the experience and equipment to ensure that all aspects of your brake system are functioning optimally.

Our brakes repair services include:

  • Brake Pad & Shoe Replacement
  • Rotor Resurfacing: Resurfacing rotors takes specialized equipment. Take your car in today and we can have your rotors resurfaced in a matter of minutes.
  • Caliper Replacement-Because calipers absorb a lot of heat when braking, it is important to make sure that they are properly maintained.
  • Brake Hoses Replacement-Brake systems require brake fluid in order to function properly. We recommend that you have you hoses inspected every 30,000 miles or 24 months.
  • Brake Fluid Flushes– A flush removes contaminants from your and can prolong the life of your brake system.
  • Anti-Lock Brake System Maintenance– Most modern cars have anti-lock brakes and we have the years of experience to make sure that our are working properly.

If you are having problems with your brakes, or just have a question, we will be happy to diagnose and fix the problem. Our number is 801-375-9111, 801-374-0775.  Visit us to receive an assessment on your brakes.